Learning To See In A Sightless World

When we are born we have five senses, hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.  These five senses allow us to navigate the world and take in everything that it has to offer.  However, there are some people who are born without one or more of these senses.  As a result they need to cope with this lacking sense in different ways.  For the blind the use of braille cards can help them learn how to communicate with a written language as well as mentally visualize the items in their minds.

When we lose a sense such as sight the use of different tools like these cards is necessary.  A cane is also used to help navigate the world around us.  The cane is moved out in front of the person from side to side to detect objects in front of them.  At crosswalks beeping noises will allow the person to walk across the street safe from traffic.

Finding your strength

When we are out of a sense we need to find our strength.  Relying on hearing, the sense of touch, taste and smell will be our eyes upon the world.  For someone who has never seen before these senses will develop naturally over time.  For those who have lost the gift of sight trying to cope will be much harder so relying on your strength will be the main tool to see you through.

Get help as needed

braille cards

We all need help.  This goes for those who have sight and those that don’t.  It isn’t a bad thing to ask for help.  None of us can do everything alone.  This is why we have a large grouping of people around us at all times.  They are there to work together and build themselves up.

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