Real Leather Belts And Shoes Are Always Better

This article’s heading could just as well have included the leather jacket. Well, it should have because the leather jacket, for those who can afford to wear, and for those who need to wear it, remains one of the most popular items of clothing from a styling, fashion and grooming point of view. Leather handbags among the lady too remains an important accessory for everyday wear and use. Styled and tooled leather belts are important accessories for the men.

Very important. Never mind the obvious fashion statement that will be made but something has got to keep their jeans and slacks in position. To return to the fashion statement, the wearing of thick leather belts with its accompanying buckle does provide a more masculine look. Shirts worn would have to be tucked into the trousers otherwise the belt and buckle will not be on display. A further fashion tip then.

tooled leather belts

The belt buckle should always match the thickness, size, color and texture of the leather. A square buckle is standard for the man. But it is not unknown for wild buckaroos to go about with oval shaped buckles. Supermarket and mall and clothing store shopping has had its day. For one thing, men don’t really have time for long hours of browsing. There’s work to be done. But when all is said and done, it off to the ballgame they shall go. If not that, there’ll be some rustling to be done.

The thing about shopping in those stores and malls these days is that it can be extremely difficult to find a genuine leather belt. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and who’s got time for that. And so to the convenience of the internet where you can now order online.

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